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Summer Reading

READCamp with Malcolm Mitchell

Help us bring Malcolm Mitchell to CCMS for our Summer Reading Carnival in August.  Read 30 minutes each day during the summer.  Our school-wide summer goal to bring Malcolm to CCMS is 101,250 reading minutes.  Do your part, use the READCamp Training Protocol (click on the READCamp (Learn More) link for the protocol) to select your summer reading.  You may sign up and record your reading online. No Internet, No problem! You can record your minutes on the reading logs in your folder.



Use “Find a Book” to build custom book lists, then locate your selections at your local public library.

1. Enter your Lexile measure or grade level

2. Pick books that match your interests.

3. View and refine your search results

Renaissance myON
Unlimited, 24/7 access for students to continue reading at home during the summer.  Students can read online using any Internet-enabled device, and they can download books to read offline with free myON mobile apps.  This unlimited, free access will be provided through July 31, 2021.

Getting started is easy!

1. Go to to login and start reading.

   a. School Name = Get Georgia Reading 

   b. Username = crawfordcounty

   c. Password = read

2. Click the Sign In button and start reading!